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Homeowner Insurance

from Freedom Insurance Group, Inc

North Carolina Homeowner Insurance

If you own a home, it's no doubt your greatest asset. What would you do if something happened to your home and you couldn't live in it any longer? If you are a renter, your home contains your most valuable possessions. If those possessions were lost, damaged, or stolen how would that affect your life?

Homeowner insurance is designed to help you in the event that either your home or your belongings are lost or damaged, whether through fire, theft, or other situations. You may not know that homeowner insurance can also cover renters and not just property owners. So, if you are not in a financial position to afford the loss of your home or your valuables, it's a wise choice to take out a homeowner insurance policy.

There are many other advantages to having homeowner insurance. For example, homeowner insurance protects you: 

  • If a visitor takes a fall or has some type of accident while visiting your home or on your property and takes you to court winning a legal judgment
  • If your home is vandalized
  • If your home incurs smoke damage
  • If hail damages your home or if your property is damaged by falling objects

Homeowner insurance may also cover an alternative residence for you if you have to vacate your home or rental property because you cannot live in it, like when there is fire damage or water damage from a plumbing emergency. This extra coverage can sometimes pay for another home for you for up to two years until your regular place of residence is habitable again.

Did you know that if you are a landlord and you rent out your home or you have tenants living within part of your home, you may also be eligible for this type of homeowner insurance?

Talk to our agents today at 828-432-0001 to talk about a homeowner policy that gives you the protection that's right for you. The agents at Freedom Insurance Group, Inc will ask relevant questions about your property and other factors, like pet ownership, that might require an umbrella policy or special items that need additional insurance coverage, such as jewelry, antiques, artwork, and collectibles. Given your location in North Carolina, we may also discuss flood insurance and how you can protect yourself in the event of flooding that results from the coastal storms and hurricanes that are so common today.

If you're not sure how much coverage you need when you meet with your agent, you can always make a list of your belongings, or even better, take photos or a video to record your belongings. That way you'll make sure everything is covered in the event of an emergency when you need to file a claim.

Your North Carolina homeowner insurance policy will depend on many of the factors mentioned above as well as your deductible. The deductible is the amount that you pay prior to your policy taking effect in the event of a claim. You may not be aware that a higher deductible may let you pay a lower premium for your homeowner insurance, so it's worth talking about when you put together your policy.

Contact us today to find out how we serve homeowners in North Carolina. You don't want to wait until you have an emergency to discover that a straightforward homeowner insurance policy might have protected you from significant loss.