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Homeowner Insurance

from Freedom Insurance Group, Inc

Homeowner Insurance

If you're looking for affordable homeowner insurance, you've come to the right place. We offer homeowner insurance policies for everyone at rates you can afford, including policies for renters to protect your valuables.

While a home is almost always everyone's greatest financial asset, sometimes people forego homeowner insurance thinking it's too expensive. However, this can be a costly decision in the long run. If something happened to your home or to your belongings, would you be able to recoup the expense of replacing them on your own?

There are many ways to make your homeowner insurance policy affordable. One of the biggest ways is to work with an independent insurance agent like Freedom Insurance Group, Inc.  Independent agents have access to literally hundreds of policies and can tailor a homeowner insurance policy for you that meets your needs while still being economical.

Another way to build an affordable homeowner policy is to talk to an agent about your deductible. The deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance policy kicks in when you file a claim. You may not be aware that by increasing your deductible slightly, you can lower your overall homeowner insurance premium.

When buying homeowner coverage, it's important to think about both short-term and long-term costs.  While a minimal policy may be the least expensive up front, if it doesn't provide proper coverage it may not be affordable in the long run. For example, you want to make sure your policy covers you if someone should have an accident on your property, or if your property is damaged by unforeseen circumstances or incidents, such as water damage, vandalism, smoke damage, or hail damage.

It may make sense to add umbrella coverage if you have pets, for example, to protect you if your dog bites someone. Additionally, you may have Irreplaceable belongings, like jewelry, artwork, collectibles, or antiques, that would be smart to cover with a small add-on policy.

Talk to our agents about crafting a homeowner insurance policy the covers your needs in a reasonable way. You may find an affordable homeowner policy even covers you for up to two years if you need to leave your home because it's damaged beyond habitability.

Reach out online today or call Freedom Insurance Group, Inc at 828-432-0001 to see how we can find the right homeowner policy for you. Don't let your biggest assets go uncovered simply because you think it's too expensive. Affordable homeowner insurance is just a call away.