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Business Insurance

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From the one-man shop to large corporations, Freedom Insurance has business solutions to fit your needs. We're experts in crafting customized North Carolina commercial insurance policies suited to your unique business operations.

We offer insurance packages that include business auto, liability, workers comp, property and more. Our business insurance advisors are dedicated to offering excellent customer service and trustworthy advice. Contact us today to learn more.

Commercial Auto

From local pizza delivery to large commercial fleets, Freedom Insurance offers commercial auto insurance packages to fit your business.

Business insurance needs are as diverse as the businessowners themselves. Your policy should be tailored to how you're using your cars and trucks for your business. We can find the right coverage for your needs.

We're experts in North Carolina business insurance and provide outstanding customer service. Contact us today to learn more.

Whether you're looking for additional protection for your business or are being required to obtain coverage by a client, Freedom Insurance can provide options for commercial liability insurance for your North Carolina business.

Liability for businesses can range from general commercial liability coverage to specialized policies such as professional liability (E&O), employment practices (EPLI), and directors and officers (D&O). Contact us today to find out what we recommend for your business.

Commercial Property

Commercial property insurance can help reduce the risk of a loss putting a financial strain on your business.

Our professional agents can review your business assets, such as properties, inventory, equipment, and tools and recommend coverage so that you're adequately insured.

Freedom Insurance works with many commercial insurance companies who offer programs tailored to business owners. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our insurance advisors.

When a catastrophic liability loss occurs, an umbrella insurance policy can mean the difference between a business surviving, or not. Commercial Umbrella helps you protect your assets by providing liability limits above and beyond your other insurance policies.

One of the insurance advisors at Freedom Insurance can review your business insurance needs and recommend what kind of liability coverage you need to protect yourself and your company. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Workers Comp

Freedom Insurance can help your business find complete solutions to your unique workers compensation insurance needs, including services such as innovative payment systems, physician consulting services, and more.

The experienced agents at Freedom Insurance will find solutions that create safer and more productive workplaces, more confident and secure workers, and overall savings that you'll see on your bottom line. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Whether you’re a small business with a variety of bonding requirements, or an individual looking for a specific type of bond, Freedom Insurance has a surety program designed to fit your needs.

Freedom Insurance will work with your business to find products supported by value-added services to commercial banks, savings and loans, insurance companies, finance and loan companies, and credit unions.

Contact us today to find out more about our outstanding service and quick response from our team of licensed agents.

Cyber Liability

Regardless of what type of business you own or manage today, you need cyber liability insurance. You probably have some type of online presence, but even if you operate entirely from a brick-and-mortar location, you need protection against hackers. Identity theft is rising, and cyber crime that compromises your customer or patron base can cripple your organization if you don’t have the right protection in place.

Freedom Insurance Group, Inc specializes in assisting companies like yours with custom cyber liability and identity theft insurance coverage. Our skilled risk-management professionals will help you assess the risks you face as a company. Then we’ll recommend a cyber liability insurance package to fit your business needs.

Does your business property insurance provide adequate coverage for your company? If you transport inventory or other cargo, you need additional coverage to protect your assets in transit. Freedom Insurance Group, Inc offers customizable inland marine insurance for a wide range of businesses including

  • Manufacturers
  • Builders and contractors
  • Museums and fine arts purveyors
  • Trucking companies and owner-operators

Did you know a large percentage of small businesses in the United States wind up closing because of damage to their office space or business equipment, as a result of storms or weather-related incidents? If these businesses had had the proper small business insurance, their policies would have reimbursed them for that damage and let them get back into business relatively quickly.

We offer custom-made small business insurance policies for all types of enterprises. We give you extra protection against common emergencies that would otherwise force you to close your doors.

If you own a business, protecting your financial investment in case of emergencies can mean the difference between success and closing your doors. We offer commercial insurance products, also known as business insurance, for all types of businesses large and small, so you never have to worry about the financial catastrophe that can result from damage or loss to your business property. We also offer commercial insurance policies that can protect you from many types of common lawsuits involving business liability and workers compensation.

Freedom Insurance Group, Inc are independent insurance agents with access to hundreds of different policies that we can put together to offer the right coverage for your unique situation. Some of the products we offer include:

  • Business liability coverage
  • Business vehicle auto insurance
  • Umbrella policies for extra liability coverage
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Property insurance, including buildings and their contents
  • Bonds
  • Inland marine coverage
  • Cyber liability coverage
  • Contractors insurance
  • Restaurant insurance
  • IT insurance (AKA technology insurance)

Many businesses are not prepared for incidents that could potentially put them out of business without the right insurance coverage:

  • Workers compensation claims
  • Accidents involving business vehicles
  • Property damage
  • Lawsuits involving accidents, injury, or death on your business premises
  • Defaulting on a business project
  • Water damage
  • Theft of client or employee data, including credit card information
  • Client claims of negligence against small contractors
  • Errors and omissions
  • Employee dishonesty

Our independent insurance agents know your business has one-of-a-kind requirements, and we aim to reduce your financial risk so that you can devote your time to running your business.

In addition to the types of coverage listed above, we can help you add specialty coverage, such as flood insurance in flood-prone areas or earthquake insurance, to provide additional protection specific to your geographic location. We'll also make sure that all of your business insurance products meet the legal requirements for your state and municipality. This is particularly important when it comes to workers compensation and employee liability. Perhaps it makes sense to add an umbrella policy for additional liability coverage.