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Taylorsville Auto & Home Insurance

Taylorsville Auto & Home Insurance

If you own valuable assets like a home or a motor vehicle, you want to make sure they are protected in the event of damage or theft. And if you are a renter, you want to be certain your belongings are protected from similar emergencies.

Our independent insurance agents offer auto and home insurance in Taylorsville to meet all your unique needs. We can help you find the perfect policy to protect your home from fire, theft or from other circumstances that could cost you money, such as an accident on your property, hail damage, damage from vandals, or smoke damage.

Many of our policies also cover an alternative residence for people whose regular residence is uninhabitable after an emergency, such as a fire or a burst pipe. Could you afford to pay for another place to live for up to two years if something were to happen to your home?

Homeowners insurance can also cover special items that are often irreplaceable, such as jewelry, art, collectibles, and antiques. We can add an umbrella policy for extra coverage against liability claims, such as if your dog were to bite someone on your property. And we can also help you get flood insurance if you are in a flood-prone area that meets requirements for that type of coverage, not uncommon in parts of North Carolina frequently affected by coastal storms and hurricanes.

In the state of North Carolina, minimum auto liability insurance is required for all drivers whose vehicles are registered in the state. Liability insurance coverage protects you in the event you hurt someone else in an accident. But you may also want additional coverage such as no-fault liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, or collision insurance in case your car is damaged in an accident.

We can find the perfect auto policy for you that gives you the right coverage and peace of mind. We can show you how raising your deductible slightly could lower your premium. And we will take into account the age of your vehicle, who drives your vehicle, your driving history, and your driving habits to get you the most economical policy possible.

Get in touch today with our Hickory agents at Freedom Insurance Group, Inc by giving us a call at 828-432-0001 or reaching out online. We want you to have the protection you need for any emergency, so you can go on enjoying life in the great state of North Carolina.